In this extraordinary Olympic Year, celebrating Olympic Day is even more special than usual.

Today, we of course celebrate the joy of sport and remember the creation of the modern Olympic Movement, by our founder Pierre de Coubertin.

But on this Olympic Day, when the entire world has been facing the same struggles and fears because of the global coronavirus pandemic for far too long, the power of sport to bring hope and optimism takes on an even greater significance.

When the athletes from all across the globe and the IOC Refugee Olympic Team finally come together for the postponed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 on 23rd of July, they will send a powerful message from Tokyo to the world: the powerful message of peace, solidarity and resilience.

This is the same message that all of us are celebrating today on Olympic Day.

The Olympic Games will demonstrate the lesson that we have all learned from the coronavirus crisis: we need more solidarity. More solidarity within societies, and more solidarity among societies.

Solidarity, hope and optimism- this is what the power of sport is all about. This is why on this Olympic Day, let us stand together to celebrate this precious Olympic spirit.

Happy Olympic Day to all of you.

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