Gambian Para Athletes attended virtual Seminar on food nutrition
Banjul, The Gambia, August, 22, 2020 - Eleven athletes and two officials from the Gambia National Paralympic Committee had attended a day long virtual seminar on the importance of food, nutrition and diet held at Nana Conference hall on Saturday.
The seminar was funded and supported by Nippon Sport Science University in Japan, under the Japanese government project called NEPP (NSSU Expansion of Paralympic Participants) with the aim of maximizing participating NPCs in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and to build an inclusive society.
Part of the topics covered was on how athletes should work on their diets, identifying nutritious foods, killing calories from their bodies, keeping hydrated and how to plan for meal during competitions and after.
Members of the Gambia National Paralympic Committee expressed appreciation for this timely support and says they are interested and ready to receive more trainings and seminars to enhance the capacities of their athletes before the reschedule Paralympic Games in Japan 2021

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