Gambia Swimming Association to Donate 1,000 face masks in celebration of the FINA World Aquatics Day 2020
The Gambia Swimming Association will be donating some face masks to the municipalities (BCC, KMC & BAC), athletes, and coaches, Village Development Committees, Gambia Navy, Gambia Fire and Rescue Services, beginning on 22nd August to Monday, 24th August 2020.
This activity is in commemoration of the Association’s annual FINA World Aquatics Day celebration, a day which celebrates and encourage the power of aquatic sports for social wellbeing and development in all corners of the world. As well, it promotes the masses around the globe to participate in physical activity in water; whether in pools, rivers, lakes or the open seas.
“This is an important day for the swimming family, “says Yoro Njie, Secretary General of The Gambia Swimming Association. “Unfortunately, the world is battling a pandemic at this moment, so we’ve decided to contribute our part in the fight against COVID-19. “We want to keep people safe, especially those risking their lives to safe and protect others. We believe this effort will improve local access to masks and help our community slow the spread of COVID-19.”
The celebration is observed usually in The Gambia by organizing swimming competitions, sensitization on sea drowning and other related aquatic physical activities.
The first phase of the exercise will distribute 600 face mask, while the second (2) phase will distribute the remaining 400 facemasks when the required funds are raised entirely.
Yoro Njie, Secretary General Gambia Swimming Association
“I want to thank all those that have contributed immensely to this significant initiative and have helped us raised funds to fulfil our social responsibilities as an association, “Njie said.
Source: The Chronicles Gambia

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