World Grand Prix in Tunisia- A First for Fatou Sanneh

Gambia’s Fatou Sanneh  Wins Bronze at the World Para Athletics Grand Prix in Tunisia as Team Gambia returns home with two medals

Congratulations are in order for Gambian Paralympic athlete Fatou Sanneh who has recorded a  first ever career win in international sports by winning bronze at the World Para Athletics Grand Prix championship in Tunisia. Fatou, whose performance has been steadily progressing over time this year, came in third position in the T54 Women’s 400metre race on Thursday, her final in the championship. This first international victory speaks volumes of her resolve and tenacity to  fight to the very end, a trait that deserves commendation in light of the numerous setbacks she suffered in past competitions.

And in a twist of fortune, Gambia’s Malang Tamba, suffered a major setback after he picked up an injury in the Men’s T54 400 metre category which robbed him  of  a medal in a category he was highly rated to win and repeat a feat he achieved last year by winning two gold and a silver medal. The injury in the Men’s T54 400 metre category meant he couldn’t continue to participate in the the championship any longer and had to withdraw from the 800 metre race.  The World Para Athletics Grand Prix  (the first of the Year) held in Tunisia is just the first in a series of competitions that would pave the way for qualification to the Paris Games later on in the year. The Gambia, it must be stated, is on track to qualify and the onus is now on the sporting authorities and the public at large to do the needful by ensuring that Paralympic sports is given the due attention that it rightly deserves. The performance of Team Gambia in Tunisia is worthy of a national celebration and if Paralympic athletes in The Gambia are given a little bit more support in terms of proper training facilities and other logistics, they have the potential to achieve greater feats.

The World Para Athletics Grand Prix is a huge sporting platform for people with disability. This first of the year in Tunisia attracted 358 athletes from 42 countries across the world.


Story By: Hagie Drammeh

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